Analytics Tools Enhances Fuel Efficiency for Leading Brazilian Airline

by Boeing Vancouver | Jan 15, 2015
Boeing and GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes have announced an agreement to implement the Boeing Fuel Dashboard solution across GOL’s 737 fleet.
Boeing and GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes have announced an agreement to implement the Boeing Fuel Dashboard solution across GOL’s 737 fleet. The Boeing analytics software solution will provide GOL with insights into opportunities for operational improvements and cost savings in fuel consumption.

Boeing Canada-AeroInfo has been instrumental in the design and development of both ground- and air-based analytics tools to help-Boeing customers reduce fuel consumption. Of course, with fuel being one of an airline's largest ‒ and most volatile ‒ expenses, reducing overall consumption is a high priority for Boeing’s customer base.

“GOL is pleased to be able to serve our passengers with our all-Boeing 737 fleet – one of the youngest, largest and most efficient fleets in Latin America,” said Capt. Sergio Quito, technical vice president and COO, GOL. “We look forward to implementing Boeing Fuel Dashboard and working with Boeing’s team of operations experts to gain the maximum value from this solution. This program supports our broader strategy of improving overall operational efficiency across our fleet as we continue to grow.”

The Boeing Fuel Dashboard is part of Boeing’s fuel-efficiency solutions suite. The application provides aircraft operators with a comprehensive total fleet view of operational fuel consumption. Airlines, business aviation operators, and military organizations can use Fuel Dashboard’s intelligent decision aids to gain insight into current fuel usage through all phases of flight. This visibility enables better decision-making to reduce fuel consumption, costs, and emissions.

“Our airline customers frequently tell us that fuel remains one of their largest cost pressure areas, even when fuel prices are on a downward trend,” said Rick Anderson, vice president, Sales, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. “We have received feedback from current airline customers using Fuel Dashboard indicating an average of approximately 4 percent annual savings in fuel costs. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Boeing Fuel Dashboard, our teams will help GOL to achieve significant fuel cost reductions and improve fleet operations efficiency.”

The Boeing Fuel Dashboard is part of an integrated suite of aviation services marketed as the Boeing Edge. These services include parts, training, engineering, maintenance and software solutions that increase the efficiency and profitability of airlines and leasing companies. Other Boeing Edge solutions, including Boeing Maintenance Performance Toolbox and Airplane Health Management are also in place to support the GOL fleet.

With an all-Boeing fleet of more than 130 Next-Generation 737-700 and 737-800 airplanes, GOL has grown to become one of the world’s largest 737 operators. With plans for continuing fleet growth, the airline has signed an order for 60 737 MAX airplanes to support its strategy for expansion, maintaining one of the youngest fleets in Latin America. GOL has also been recognized for its progressive approach in sustainable fuels, and was the first commercial operator in Brazil to use biofuels.

Boeing Canada-AeroInfo is proud to have had a hand in developing tools that help airlines like GOL succeed in a highly competitive industry.