• Boeing Vancouver’s Defence team expands support services for RCAF Chinooks

    by Sophia Mariano | Jun 04, 2018

    This past March, Boeing and the Canadian government agreed to an amendment to an existing services contract for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) fleet of CH-147F Chinook medium-to-heavy lift helicopters (MHLH). Boeing Vancouver has been involved in provisioning and maintaining the fleet’s in-service support solution since the existing contract was first awarded to Boeing in 2009, and under the amendment will continue to provide program support for the next five years.

    When Boeing was awarded the original 20-year Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) contract, Boeing Vancouver’s MHLH team joined the Boeing-wide Integrated Product Team (IPT) that designed, developed and installed the Electronic Information Environment (EIE), a turn-key solution housing an In-Country Enclave for fleet data and a suite of applications to manage daily fleet operations, support strategy, and the performance of the contract. The team, headquartered in Richmond, B.C. with partners located across Canada, has also provided maintenance support for the solution since its delivery, resulting in an uptime of 99.99999%.

    In addition to the continued maintenance of the EIE under the amended contract, the MHLH team will broaden their role to provide direct program support in areas of Continuous Improvement, Central Data Management, and Configuration Management, as well as Additional Work Requests (AWRs).

    “As the In-Service Support (ISS) solution evolves, we have many opportunities to innovate and drive greater efficiencies and savings for the program,” says Raj Heer, Boeing Vancouver’s Director of Defence and Government Services. “Each member of our team is committed to continuously improving our solutions and setting a high standard for the quality of our services.”

    The MHLH team is made up of 11 professionals in the fields of software development, business analytics, and project management. As part of the wider Defence team at Boeing Vancouver, they are proud to be a reliable partner to the Royal Canadian Air Force and their missions for the next five years.

  • Boeing Canada-AeroInfo Helps Develop Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro for Windows 8 Tablets

    by User Not Found | Aug 11, 2014

    Last month, Jeppesen introduced industry-leading FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) solution for Microsoft Windows 8 tablets. Boeing Canada-AeroInfo is proud to have been involved in the software development work that made this game-changing effort happen. Working in close partnership with development teams at Jeppesen, our FliteDeck Pro team developed the UI elements for the release.

    Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro helps streamline the use of navigational information for airlines, fractional business jet operators and military fleet programs. Delta Air Lines is equipping 11,000 pilots with FliteDeck Pro on Surface 2 tablets across its fleet to increase operational efficiency. One feature that the Surface tablets deliver is the ability to open two applications side by side, something that the iPad doesn’t offer, except for apps that allow split windows. An example where this may benefit Surface users is display of weather in one window alongside another window with FliteDeck Pro.

    Flight information, including worldwide navigation charts is delivered to Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro through the JDM Pro enterprise solution. This scalable data management solution distributes encrypted operational data and documents efficiently across a Web-based system, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of current navigational and operational information to pilots and other users. In addition, JDM Pro is designed to work in concert with Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems for end-to-end control of EFB content and devices.

    In addition to highly compressed Jeppesen terminal charts, FliteDeck Pro includes data-driven enroute content, which is dynamically rendered and de-cluttered for the pilot’s task at hand. Information for all enroute charted features is immediately available, including communication information, operational notes and runway details for destination or alternate airports.

    Boeing Canada-AeroInfo congratulates Jeppesen on designing the FliteDeck Pro tool that dramatically increases the navigational efficiency of the world’s pilots – now available in both Mac iOS and Windows 8 for Surface 2 tablets.

  • AeroInfo’s PBL iceCloud Goes Live with Boeing MHLH Delivery

    by User Not Found | Sep 09, 2013

    This past June, Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) received delivery of the first of fifteen new CH-147F Medium-to-Heavy-Lift Helicopters (MHLH) from Boeing. These helicopters are designed to move medium- to heavy-sized loads of cargo, equipment and troops during domestic and overseas missions.

    Included with the helicopter delivery, Boeing will provide in-service support to the MHLH fleet for the next 20 years under a Performance-Based Logistics contract. Since the contract was awarded to Boeing back in 2009, Boeing Canada ‒ AeroInfo has been hard at work developing an innovative collaborative-information environment that is an integral part of the support solution.

    As part of Boeing’s Electronic Information Environment team for the MHLH In-Service Support program, AeroInfo designed and configured the Performance Measurement System (PfMS) which will be used by the both the Boeing and Department of National Defence (DND) Program Office to manage the performance of the contract.

    The PfMS is part of an overall support solution called PBL iceCloud, which has been developed and implemented for this Canadian program. The team took a product-centric perspective in its design, leveraging best in-class COTS products to enable both extensibility and configurability. As a result, the solution is readily configurable to support other future Performance Based Logistics (PBL) programs in the international Defense market.

    Boeing Canada ‒ AeroInfo is proud of its role in helping to develop a truly world-class in-service support program for the MHLH fleet that will provide advanced capabilities in supporting our own Canadian Forces and their missions for many years to come.