Bob Cantwell


As President of Boeing Vancouver, Bob Cantwell is responsible for leading the company in the creation and management of cutting-edge technology to support Boeing’s Digital Aviation group (DA) and Boeing customers worldwide. Bob oversees all facets of the company, including product development, customer solutions and consulting services for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, as well as its work in support of Boeing Defense and the Chinook and C-17 programs.

Bob initially joined Boeing Vancouver as CFO and employee number 18 in 2001. Starting with a staff of less than 20 people and managing duties that ranged from finance and accounting to human resources and business development, Bob helped build the company from its small beginnings to the 300+ strong aviation software and analytics leader that it is today. Since Bob stepped into the role of CEO in 2012, Boeing Vancouver has pioneered projects such as the creation of its Advanced Analytics Group and the establishment of a new Labs division in downtown Vancouver. Bob has guided the company to leverage its analytics and software development capabilities, airline domain knowledge, and proximity to Boeing’s operations in Seattle, solidifying its place as a core part of Boeing’s Digital Aviation business unit.

Prior to joining Boeing Vancouver, Bob spent 21 years at Air Canada, where he held senior management positions in the corporate strategy, marketing, and information systems areas of the business before taking on the role of director of business planning for airline operations and maintenance. In this capacity,  Bob directed all of Air Canada’s technical operations, from parts acquisition to fleet planning, including the purchase of the airline’s first Boeing 767 and 747 airplanes.  This first-hand knowledge of airline operations and maintenance has informed much of Boeing Vancouver’s direction and approach.

Bob’s leadership approach is shaped not only by his professional experience, but also by a mixture of love for the industry and a passion for a positive, supportive work culture. With a father who worked for Air Canada and a daughter who pursued a career as a commercial pilot, Bob has lived and breathed aviation throughout his life.