Duane Benatar 


As the Director of Solution Architecture at Boeing Vancouver, Duane is responsible for outlining the strategic use of technology in the creation of our products and software solutions. He builds and leads multiple collaborative teams of enterprise architects, drawing up technology roadmaps to guide them in building software that will solve some of the most complex business problems in the aviation industry today.

Duane joined Boeing Vancouver in 2012 as the company’s first Chief Technology Architect and quickly made his mark, implementing the company’s first technology and architecture practices and Project Management Office methodologies. With the introduction of interdependent Special Interest teams, Duane solidified the culture of collaboration and innovation that defines Boeing Vancouver today. He also led the predecessor to our new Labs division – a solution innovation and incubation capability that provided support, potential prototyping, and customer exposure to ideas coming from anywhere in the company, producing six software solution offerings. His latest projects include spearheading the solution strategy and approach for information management suite and integrated flight operations control products.

In addition to his accomplishments at Boeing, Duane brings almost 20 years of expertise in IT and business strategy. One of his roles as Senior Managing Consultant for IBM Global Services saw him developing a large, first of its kind SOA health care solution for a leading US healthcare company, integrating fifteen different clinical areas into an enterprise healthcare solution. Over the four year span of the project, Duane grew this into a multi-million dollar program and led a team of more than 70 people.

Much like his role at Boeing Vancouver, Duane approaches his career and role as a leader in a strategic, goal-oriented way. His team describes him as a “hands-off” leader, giving direction and guidance when needed, but encouraging creativity and ownership in each and every one of his staff. He expects his team to approach challenges according to their own ideas and expertise instead of waiting for instruction, staying connected with each other every step of the way to maximize innovation and collaboration.

Duane believes in a culture of pride, connectedness, and cohesiveness both inside and outside of work hours. To keep his team’s skillsets relevant and current, he organizes regular training and education sessions and provides coaching in technique, methodology, and best practices. He is also responsible for social events such as office go-kart race series, BBQ-offs, and forming the Boeing Vancouver Sun Run team.