Garry Barber


Garry Barber is the Military Practice Lead for Boeing Digital Aviation’s business consulting team. Based in Boeing Vancouver to leverage its top-tier analytics expertise and 20 years of domain knowledge in military aerospace, Garry provides consulting services to help defence customers identify pain points, shape solutions, deliver results and meet their missions with maximum success.

Garry initially joined the Boeing Vancouver team to lead the establishment of its defence practice as the Director of Defence and Government services. Starting with a mixture of Garry’s experience in military systems and Boeing Vancouver’s knowledge of commercial aviation, the company’s defence practice started up in 2008 and rapidly gained momentum, creating IT solutions for Boeing’s C-17 program and the Canadian fleet of CH-147F Chinook helicopters. Upon moving into his current position, Garry established connections with local universities to work on joint projects and recruit top talent in data science. By combining the support of Boeing Vancouver’s data science team with the company’s many subject matter experts, Garry has grown the military practice into one of the largest revenue generators in the Boeing Digital Aviation business consulting group.

Garry’s prowess in defence aviation took shape over a life-long career immersed in military matters. Enlisting in the British Royal Navy at 16 years old, Garry was formally trained as an Aeronautical Engineer and received his degree in Engineering from the Royal Naval Engineering College in Manadon. After a 13 year career with the Royal Navy, Garry transitioned into the military aviation IT sector and eventually moved to the United States to work for BAE Systems. Here he built up a team of experts from the UK to consult for Boeing programs, and worked on projects such as the creation of concept demonstration aircraft, the X-32A and the X-32B, for the United States Joint Strike Fighter program competition.

Garry credits his time with the Royal Navy for allowing him to find his interests in mechanics and IT, and views his continued work in aviation as his way of giving back to his tight-knit military community. He also concentrates on partnering Boeing Vancouver with university programs as a way of giving back to engineers-in-training and those in similar places to where Garry first got his start. By focusing recruiting efforts among pools of students and new local graduates, he hopes to afford Vancouver’s newest and brightest talent the opportunity to flourish.