Keith Kailly


As Director of Software Engineering at Boeing Vancouver, Keith Kailly sets the company’s strategic direction for software development as well as the delivery of customer- and airline-facing IT projects for Boeing’s Digital Aviation business unit.

One of the company’s longest serving employees, Keith began working as a software developer for Boeing Vancouver (then AeroInfo Systems) when it was founded in 1996, originally working on a project that would germinate Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox product, which the company still supports today. He subsequently held positions in Project Management, Quality Assurance, Product Management, and Customer Service before taking on his current role in 2010. Keith has provided leadership through many of Boeing Vancouver's “firsts”, including leading the team that developed the company’s first software product and directing the first software implementation project for an airline.

Prior to joining Boeing Vancouver, Keith began his career in aerospace IT with a seven year stint at McDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA). Working as a software developer and project engineer, he was responsible for implementing and testing satellite mission-planning systems for the European and Canadian Space agencies, which involved on-site work in Italy and Thailand. Keith has also acquired certification from the Queens Executive Program and more recently, from the Boeing Leadership Center.

Keith’s interest and passion in software languages, tools, and methods keeps him constantly learning and current with the industry’s latest trends and best practices, even though he no longer writes code in his day-to-day responsibilities. As a leader, Keith focuses on guiding Boeing Vancouver's employees to places in which they can be successful, too. By coaching employees to find where they need to be and what knowledge they need to acquire to advance in their careers, Keith helps his employees find the right opportunities to keep growing.

As one of the original employees at Boeing Vancouver, Keith has played an important role in shaping the company into the multi-faceted organization it is today.  During his tenure, the company has evolved from a small, niche organization, into a much bigger, much more sophisticated entity that reaches into many areas of Boeing. With new challenges and opportunities for new projects appearing every month, Keith is just as enthusiastic  now as he was 20 years ago about where the company will go next.