Fadi's Story


Before transitioning to Boeing Vancouver, I worked in Dubai as the Regional Leader for Boeing IT International for India, the Middle East, and Africa. I learned about Boeing’s Digital Aviation business unit when it was still in its early stages of creation and immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it and the potential for growth it offered. Boeing Vancouver was a chance to join in, and when I reached out to the company’s president, Bob Cantwell, I was invited to meet with him in person and discuss what the company could offer me and what I could contribute to Digital Aviation. Not long afterwards I joined the Boeing Vancouver team.

Such a great opportunity could not be passed up, but I soon faced the challenges of relocating with my family from Dubai to Vancouver. The process was lengthy and complicated, and details which seemed minor at first became significant roadblocks as I worked towards my goal. The HR team at Boeing Vancouver made the move significantly easier by working with me every step of the way. With their help, the costs of relocating my household and family were subsidized by the company and I received further assistance with the immigration process.

Thanks to help from the company and its leadership team, my family and I made it through the move and have settled into our life in Vancouver. When I first joined I received support from both my peers and my then manager, as I learned the ropes in my new Boeing workplace in Canada as opposed to what I knew from my Boeing International role. My fellow senior leaders were more than willing to spend time with me to explain various projects within the company, making my workplace transition as painless as possible.

Aspirations to move, look for new challenges and grow can be made a reality within a company like Boeing, and I can confidently offer my own story of moving to Boeing Vancouver from Boeing Dubai to join the team here as proof. As part of a company like Boeing, I know that the possibilities for my career are endless, and I look forward to what the future will bring next at Boeing Vancouver.