Rachael's Story


A big reason why I pursued a career in the tech industry was because its fast-paced, always changing nature allowed me to really spread my wings as an entrepreneur. I like to create and build my own projects, so a booming industry like Vancouver tech is the ideal incubator for an innovative person like me. When I joined Boeing Vancouver as a Human Resources Coordinator five years ago, I discovered a workplace that would allow me to chart my own course in everything that I do.

I have never really thought of my career as one straight, clear line to a goal or ideal job. Instead of asking myself, “What do I want to be in the future,” I prefer to think along the lines of “what are the opportunities that are needed right now, and what do I need to learn to take hold of them?” This gives me a lot more room for discovery and innovation – I can craft my own vision, find my own path, and build my own unique outcome instead of having a pre-determined role and job description given to me.

Boeing Vancouver has been fully supportive of me and my entrepreneurial disposition from the very beginning. The company’s Advanced Analytics Group, which is now a team of more than thirty people, started as an idea created by myself and a small group of four. Many parts of the project, including the roles of my team as well as my own, were ambiguous as I worked through the details and requirements to make the vision a reality. However, I was trusted and supported through both the ups and the downs of the project by my boss, Boeing Vancouver’s president Bob Cantwell, and was allowed to work beyond any existing job description to eventually create my own. With the expansion of the business to include the creation of our new Labs division I am poised to start the process again, building my skills as I go and creating a whole new opportunity for myself and my team.

Since joining the company, I’ve been able to advance my career rapidly with the full support of the senior leadership team. Within three years of joining the company I was leading my own team of ten people, and have taken part in many of the formal training programs the company offers to all employees. I have now joined the senior leadership team myself, and am excited to give other entrepreneurs the same opportunities I have had at Boeing Vancouver.