Since its inception in 2012, the demand for and growth of our Advanced Analytics Group has seen Boeing compete on a global stage in the arena of big data analytics. The Advanced Analytics team is focused on ensuring Boeing clients derive maximum benefit from their organization’s data, and, since 2014, the group has been recognized as the applied advanced analytics team for various Boeing Digital Aviation initiatives.

The team is comprised of Masters and PhD graduates with quantative backgrounds in a variety of fields, including operations research, visual analytics, computer science, mathematics, statistics, neuroscience, biochemistry, economics and cognitive science. Employing a sophisticated toolkit, including visual analytics, quantitative and statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data-mining, mathematical modeling and optimization, the team is tasked with analyzing trends and patterns to provide forecasts to optimize aviation operations worldwide.

Recently, three of our team members were recognized as inventors of a system designed to optimize airline fuel usage, the patent for which was formally accepted in 2014. With fuel costs representing 30-50% of any airline’s operational expense, a 1-3% reduction provided by this tool could result in billions of dollars in savings worldwide. Not to mention, it may be the greenest initiative ever undertaken by Boeing Vancouver employees.

In support of our strong belief in partnering with centres of excellence, innovation and research, the Advanced Analytics team sponsors research initiatives and partners with universities in Canada, including a strong partnership with the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) at the Sauder School of Business.