Over the past two decades, Boeing Vancouver has built an international reputation as a developer of innovative solutions that facilitate fleet maintenance and engineering activities. Our software solutions increase fleet-management efficiency and airline profits by reducing maintenance costs and improving aircraft reliability and availability. 

Today’s commercial aviation industry faces challenges from increasing competition, rising costs, aging infrastructure and multiple layers of regulation. Add the complexity and potential value of today’s data-rich aircraft, and it becomes clear why airlines increasingly seek information-based solutions to gain greater operational efficiencies and new ways to offer value to their customers.

In addition to expertise in maintenance solutions, the Boeing Vancouver Applications team has expanded its software product development capabilities to include flight operations and air navigation services. As airline customers make the transition to paperless cockpits, they need software solutions that seamlessly deliver the right information at the right time.

We’re committed to working with our Boeing partners to build an integrated information platform and the software tools that let airlines connect their operations and create efficiencies that will bring their costs down—to make the world of aviation work smarter and faster. 

Some of our larger projects include:

Maintenance Performance Toolbox

One of Boeing Vancouver’s longest-standing projects, Maintenance Performance Toolbox is part of Boeing’s Fleet Services set of offerings and is focused on providing Boeing clients with a tool to make airplane maintenance operations faster, more informed and more productive. By digitizing airplane maintenance manuals, automating parts acquisition and packaging maintenance activities for workers on the ground, Maintenance Performance Toolbox is designed to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce repair turnaround times, eliminate redundant tasks and maximize knowledge transfer and retention. Today, the software service supports 120 customers.

Digital Transformation Project

To enable tomorrow’s navigation products today and produce today’s products more efficiently tomorrow, Boeing must continue creating real customer value in the data-driven, dynamic navigation information environment of the future. DTP is a multi-faceted program intended to achieve this by developing both the products and processes necessary to increase navigation efficiency and lower operations cost.

The program aims to create an information management tool suite, the Enterprise Spatial Data Management (ESDM) system, for efficiently managing and leveraging navigation information collected by The Boeing Company to create better, more effective navigation products. The ESDM system will facilitate real-time delivery of the data that onboard flight management computers and Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro mobile product uses to render digital interactive charts that help pilots navigate their flights, from departure to in-flight waypoints to landing and even parking aircraft. By providing the right data at the right time, the results of DTP will enable this product and future products to help pilots avoid increasing complexity and data overload while navigating aircraft both on land and in the air.

Mobile Solutions

Boeing has been working hard to provide airline customers with streamlined, real-time access to maintenance and navigation information where it is needed most – at the airplane itself – from mechanics’ and pilots’ own mobile devices. The team at Boeing Vancouver plays an integral role in the development of dynamic mobile tool suites that keep customers on the cutting edge of aviation technology both on and off the ground, offering improved airplane maintenance turnaround times and more streamlined in-flight navigation. 

Airplane Health Management

One of Boeing’s most popular maintenance system offerings. It’s in active use by 58 airlines around the world and is currently on-board over 2,000 airplanes. AHM allows airlines to monitor airplane systems and parts while a plane is in flight, troubleshoot maintenance issues and prepare for quick, just-in-time maintenance to keep that plane on-schedule. It also helps predict future operations events and prevent unplanned maintenance and schedule interruptions.

Other solution-development areas include Boeing's GoldCare maintenance-management solution, Supply Chain Optimization (Supplier Quality’s SQIS), Data Processing and Conversion (Toolbox Factory), and many professional consulting tools used to help airlines operate more efficiently.